Here you find a documentation of the WEIMAR Presentation of FARAH LENSER: (PDF) presented a synopsis of the ANNA-LINDH FORUM 2100 in Barcelona:

Weimarer Konferenz zum Europäischen Jahr gegen soziale Ausgrenzung und Armut

Europa der Verantwortung und der Partnerschaft in der Migrationspolitik für Jugendliche“

18./19. Mai 2010 in Weimar. Jugend- und Kulturzentrum mon ami

A Summary and Impressions from the Barcelona Forum 2010 with the title:

Europäische Union und die Union für das Mittelmeer – eine Vision wird Wirklichkeit

Das Anna-Lindh Forum 2010 in Barcelona

Ein Bericht von Farah Lenser

Farah Lenser’s presentation was also based on these articles in German and English: Please visit:

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2/10 Women who are shaping the Future

We are the people!
The Anna Lindh Forum 2010 in Barcelona, Impressions of a conference of civic associations

AND pls. come back later for the audio – lecture presentation of the Weimar synopsis of Farah, pictures from the event, and more background material.

As requested by some participants in Weimar we also make available a summary of the BARCELONA magic roundtable side-event available, so please visit our BARCELONA “hand-out” here:

Coming back to the Future Agenda requested by the participants and outlined by Katarina Stigwall in the CLOSING PLENUM (slide 17):


PS: Post scriptum after WEIMAR by Heiner Benking:

During and after the event:

In view of these requirements for the Future Agenda by Katarina (this author: Heiner Benking) decided in view of this star-high goal set out, to apply for the ANNA-LINDH AWARD 2010 as it hopefully and ideally brings together the dialogic, participatory and conceptual and pragmatic requirements outlined above.:

This is the CALL:

EuroMed Award 2010: Together for Ecological Sustainability

The Award is an annual prize which recognises the achievements of individuals and organizations working for the promotion of intercultural dialogue. Each year, the Award is dedicated to a special theme. For 2010, the Award theme is Intercultural Dialogue for Ecological Sustainability.

Maybe see my application and profile for the AWARD 2010 as it maybe also of general interest. The requested 3 pages application/proposal and accompanying background materials might provide some overview and access to deeper information about: bio- and -cultural diversity, dialog & deliberation, participation, and policy making, ….

This is the requested Tabular CV Profile I had to submit (3 pages):