Dies sind die TERMINE mit Charles Francois an der Humboldt Universität

Der 25. Mai im Rahmen der Bibliothekswissenschaften PART  I und II unten findet sich auch auf der IB Homepage, Teil II ist noch immer in Planung.



Dies ist das Produktblatt des SAUR Verlages zur Encyclopaedia:



Hier sind alle 3 Veranstaltung kurz noch einmal skizziert:




Encyclopaedias and what's next?  -

on the way to "Enlightenment"??



On the occasion of Charles François visiting the Humboldt-University zu Berlin and presenting the





2nd Edition of the


International Encyclopedia of Systems and Cybernetics


at the Saur Library




we are pleased to present a series of events to have a deeper and pragmatic look into the general systems and models theories as developed by Bertalanffy (Vienna&USA) and respectively Stachowiak (Berlin) both in the 1960ies.



Encyclopaedias, Atlases, Models and Pragmatics                                   

Part I

Humboldt Kaminsaal, Humboldt University Main Building, "Cum Laude"


May 25. 16:00



Encyclopaedias, Atlases, Models and Pragmatics                       

Part II

Saur Library, BBK; 1st floor - Humboldt University


May 25. 18:00

open - end with some water and informal conversations

strongly recommended !!

"Systemics as a general integrated language of concepts and models"

Presentation by Charles François



Part II


Encyclopaedias, Atlases, Models and Pragmatics

to support Participation and Governance        

Location and time to be announced a.s.a.p.

Planned is End of May or Early June 2004

                                                                              (we presently investigate: WZB, HUB, BBAW, URANIA, ...)


Presentation by Charles François, Andreas Kaiser and Heiner Benking

In review of the work of Charles François, Arno Peters, Herbert Stachowchowiak, und Anthony Judge (UIA) in the field of models, archives, systems and access/awareness we are planning an information round-table after some introductory statements – maybe after lunch – to address the questions of  interest of the invited participants and guests.

See: http://open-forum.de/re-invent-democracy.html


Pls. See also:






presently we are planning meetings at May 27th in the evening and May 28th at 11:00 hours 

LOCATIONS TO BE ANNOUCNED – pls. check with heiner@benking.de



Preliminary announcement V.i.S.d.P.:      Heiner Benking,   030   793 2230  heiner@benking.de


PLEASE NOT THE WHOLE ISSUE OF VAGUE AREAS IN ANY KIND OF REPOSITORIES, ATLASES; ECYCLOPEDIAS is a Project in Progress – definitely taking much more time as expected and with too little progress – due to the times…