In 1998 or so by Mary Ann Zarrett I was invited to share my resources and contribute. Leadership and governance, dialog and decision cultures were my theme and so I was not only happy to share such links and collections, but help to bring forward issues around suspense and variety. As this immense work of Mary Ann is not available at Vanderbilt, and can only retrieved by the WAY BACK machine, I have collected here some pieces and hope you visit with me earlier pages. If VUMC or other sites are more comprehensive or build on the work below, please let me know.

Guidelines for Dialogue

Here is the Biography from 1999: I was not only proud to be included, but see a lot of treasures collected here which need to be saved and preserved. In review, looking back 10 years, I am surprised to see what multi-media treasures, audio and video have been already listed at that time, and I feel it would be much needed research to check the quality and width available over the years. Please consult the original pages.

Selected Bibliography (APRIL 1999)




Benking, Heiner. (1998). Dialogue Culture: Towards a climate of intellectual and compassionate empowering, sharing, and co-creation. In The Integrity Papers. Internet paper and homepage: Dialog link-page
      Specifies some productive steps that build
      on dialogue resources and experiences.

Bohm, David, Factor, Donald, and Garrett, Peter. Dialogue - A Proposal. Paper based on conversations with David Bohm, author of On Dialogue. Internet.
      Includes information about the why, what,
      and how of dialogue in organizations.

Donnellon, Anne. (1996). Team Talk--The Power of Language in Team Dynamics. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press.

Judge, Anthony. Creating a Context for More Meaningful Dialogue.
Union of International Associations.
Internet paper.
      Judge proposes guidelines to clarify a pattern of constraints
      to dialogue and suggests a path to more meaningful dialogue.

Judge, Anthony. Strategically Relevant Evocative Questions? Union of International Associations. Internet paper.
      Nineteen strategically relevant evocative questions are proposed.

Judge, Anthony. Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue.
Union of International Associations.
Internet paper.
      The author defines 6 primarily verbal and 6 primarily
      non-verbal participant interaction modes.

Judge, Anthony. Traps and Opportunities of Dialogue.
Union of International Associations on Transformative Conferencing. 1993.
Internet paper.
      Judge lists and defines cognitions and beliefs that
      create barriers to authentic and productive dialogue.

Judge, Anthony. (1998). Typology of 12 complementary dialogue modes essential to sustainable dialogue. Internet paper.
      The author posits 12 vital dialogue types based on acknowledging
      issues, responding to issues, acting on issues, and sustaining
      action on issues. These dialogue types are seen as reflecting the
      the complementary views that need to be expressed at an
      archetypal strategic "roundtable" of participants in an
      ongoing organization. It can also be used to examine
      personal sustainable development.

Selected Websites on Dialogue.


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