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    see Interview with Harrison Owen (OPEN SPACE inventor)
    A place for sharing: ignorance ?,   story- spaces,  …. conversations,  bliss ??
    An antidote for : 
    “communication poor” is: 
    “communication rich”
    by means about how to get “there” as in these files:Social SYSTEM DESIGN and COMMUNCIATIVE SOCIETY
    Or the Idea or Vison of 
    embodying and sharing Commons along and across scales, an INTEGRAL AGENDA with common frames of references for shared action
    Illustrations: Tim Casswell
    This page?– just a collection of links, a jumpe-page?, or more?
    Well we feel it is about DIALOGUE, Dialogue to make us aware of the need for a proper mix of methods. Not the one and only “right” method, but a combination needed in order to accommodate the situation, context, time, times, space, assumptions, attitudes, purpose, objectives, expectations, ... and help us to appreciate the difference of "communication rich and poor" please to our “colellection” page, see the co-forum, or enjoy the collection of “other” methods we recommend, reference to, or combine with our “magic round tables”, like in the “open-forum / open-space” process
    OPEN FORUM - Dialog Culture
    Dialog in different Cultures/Schools of thought
    Dialogue and Co-Intelligence/Wisdom
    Participants-Interaction-Messaging & Time Sharing in Meertings 
         (all by Anthony Judge (UIA))
    Einführung   OPEN FORUM  im  "coforum"
      DEUTSCHE ausgewählte Texte und KONTEXT des Open-Forum - GESPRÄCHSKULTUR
    Gesprächskultur und Runde Tische  Ethik&Miteinander
    DaZiBao- People's Voices    (Veranstaltungen)
    Interkultureller und Generationen Dialog 
    between cultures and generations  see 

    and around a “STORY_SPACE” or "campfire"
    or in the
    in order to come to a civilization of sharing, caring, and daring for common interests - with everyone who comes along and wants to sit with us for a while…

    Pls. see also Time Sharing Report above.
    and "states of mind" (DAVID BOHM DIALOGES)

    FINAL NOTE: Sharing Voices or dialogue as presented above with for example the time credit method is the first and critical step for civilized dialogue about complex personal, societal, and cultural issues. Next steps is Sharing Spaces, the shared exloration of common understanding, common frames of references, and common sign and metaphors. We have worked on such an extra or extensional "common ground" and have called it a "cognitive panorama" or 3 (3D) or 3Space/Time reference schema or immersive scaffolding. And as onther "step" we coined "Sharing Futures", the proposal to lay out various alternative futures as we do here, and like in story-telling chart jointly our course in view of the pro's and con's of the various alternatives. All this need conversations and dialogue, listening and shared views and models, wihtout necessarily agreeing on any specific item, but living with checks and balances. There is much discussion about embodied dialogue or leibliche communication, we at this place can open the door to a recent publication which also considers the space between the signs and the media [MODULE 6) or  "SOURCES" and invite you to visit this  linkpage or jumppage or a place were we continuously update "what is hot".