Side events  see also: past-events



Please check from a selection/collection of earlier events:


Large international gatherings: (typically 1-5 weeks)

·          UN CLIMATE Summit Berlin 1995

·          and  International Peace University 1995

·          UN WSIS – PrepCom events: *** TO DO

·          UN- CSD-15,  New York 2007: A SYMPOSIUM IN TIMES OF CRISIS:


·          EXPO 2000 and FURRE RAFT:


Conferences with a side programme (more than a reception or ice-breaker party:  

see:  how-to and discussion paper for OPEN FORMAT event design (typically 1 week)


·          ICSU  CODATA International Council of Scientific Unions (example for scientific conferences):    

·          David Bohm Dialogues

·          Ethic Summit, Kühlungsborn, 1999  and publicationen about the Roundtables parallel to the big “talkers”:




·          CHANCE 2000 – Dialog in the Circus (of elections ..) 1999


·          Cogain – a virtual synchronised browing session/lecture with TALKING COMMUNITIES:  (between Berlin and Turin: presentation  at: 

  • OAC Agora      June 2008    NEW
  • Please find here the links – we are presently bringing together for this page:


For more on Dialog see this “background” material collection: (all highly recommended)

and list of reference articles: and

or see a colelction of links towards the „roots“ of true dialogue:

or read/download this primer:  The Dialog Kit: Structured Processses for Generative Dialogue:

or these introduction articles to dialogues and conversations or a dialogue & decision culture:






On the way to:   from May 15-22, 2008 in Berlin, Bonn, Weimar and elsewhere… creating

And continuing the challenge to bridge the issues of cultural diversity and Earth diversities.. planned end ending the campaign June12, 2008.

Please also see the 100 001 BLOG:   and the 1001 actions node:



There is a needed to „speak out of the box“, subsume and resonante beside the official programme and learn about “other” or new ideas, or to co-create with people you would normally meet, but share the broader commons of all living things and their survival.


A SIDE – EVENT is something which takes typically place “besides” – at a reception or later I the bar, or it might be a coalition building event of some civil society organizartion doing their extra thing to reach the public, the main panel, or possible supporters. It is done to augment and help the fabric of small or large gatherings, and can be very social and effective, bringing together the hands and the heards and the minds of the participants, who too often have to time to learn who is also at a conference, ora re too busy listening and preparing for talks and setting agendas

This May something special is planned for a series of international, mobilization side-events on the occasion of various international, european, and regional “occasions” – we are planning to have on site events at the UN CBD-COP 9 but also virtual events, virtual exchanges with stakeholders and risktakers. Beside the magic round tables during the COP-9 we will hold talking community sessions and maybe an open-space online.  Come back later !   (version: April 21, 9:00 a.m.)


 Please see this side-event for May 2008:

A side event like we typically for UN events like the CSD side events called symposion – A Meeting in Times of Crisis (VISIT US HERE !!),

this time on an another very broad and ambitions theme:


10   -  100   -  1001 or     ?

HOWEVER: Mind it & Map it, Share & Expand it !

(come join us here in May in Berlin, Bonn, Weimar and elsewhere)…




Please not that our Open-Forum exercises are done in close co-opeation with IHTEC’s International School Peace Gardens, an environmental education plattform. (IHTEC has general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations - UN–ECOSOC, and   PNW Positive-Nettworks, Berlin Hannover,  -  PNW maintains a special “SALON” section as part of a range of activities to support the arts, cultures, education, youth, creativity,… but also policicy making and governance: 

Please go at the PNW site to Magic Round Tables (Rundgespräche) or salon,  also Positive News Youth Views, an E-zine and other media and events for Youth and others: