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some "participant views" - perspectives with other "eyes"  from events which combined the OPEN SPACE and OPEN FORUM method - we update outcomes most freqently here


Procedere -Friedrich Ebert Foundation Storytelling Rundgespraech Impressions PDF - see BackgroundPapers and Open-Forum Side Events

2008 and 2009


see voices, concepts of social media, Stammtisch 2.0 / 3.0 full Documentation (4 pages) in German

2009 UNESCO - DESD April, Bonn, Germany see: 10001 Seeds Blog and PNW-events.

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1001 Actions for Dialogue - Dialogue Nights - 100001 Diversities - Events and Side-Events May-June 2008


See also details on the process and format: STAMMTISCH 2.0 and 3.0 (in German) more about this below !

Beside the Earthday RoundTables in Vienna the Media-Delegates Dialogues in Bonn at the UNESCO-DESD, which we called 10 001 Seeds, were a highlight in our exercises to do Magic RoundTables. This because we were able to do some Videos, but also because the "high level" of this side events, sometimes only allowed us to do roundtables for only 20 minutes but with exciting results. Delegates and media representation showed a high command of "scoring" messsages, immediately getting the "rules" and excitingly fast and vididly comming to appreciative and truthful exchanges and results. We were not able and feel these side events should be all recorded and sincere issues were raised which should be not always on public record, or it was very late after days of conferencing "around the the clock". Please see here "outcomes" - please also visit other "outcomes" to give an idea of what did happen "manyfold" here over days as time was much to short and precious for personal notes, and maybe take only this YouTube as an example what can we achieved in 12 Minutes of doing Magic Round Tables, when even the rules of the game had to be explained "on the fly". So 2 Minutes explaining the "rules" and 10 minutes to play, the game, enjoy the links below.See this for us very precious beer-table dialogue with the Chair of the UNESCO-DESD in 2014 in Japan, Youth Delegates and others in very late short hours. THANKS AGAIN for letting us take the YouTUBE video ! and the handout we distributed in Bonn to help us bridge languages, sign-systems-cultures and the models behind ! and a time-line of virtual conferencing, e-participation , and telematics over the years...

FULL DOCUMENTATION is not not yet publicly available but nearing compleation. Please see the Outcomes and/or ask if you need more material !

At this point I can only recommend the Letter of Helmut Rieth of the Anna-Lindh-Foundation to the Secretary General UNESCO Commission Germany Bernecker (PDF) and thank for the support of UNESCO.

Please also see this handout and INVITATION as distributed to DELEGATES and MEDIA (PDF). It explains the process, what this means to Virtual Meetings and "Dialog and Discourse Exercises",

and why we see a chance to bridge concepts of Commons and OneNess or Wholeness as can be found in many cultures ! Interesting is for example the concept of "taswir" in the islamic and arbabic world, and the representation of commons in other cultures ! (see the last page (PDF). For more on an embodied "Covenant" or shared representations, perspectives, positionalities see this more recent "New Renaissance" session.

If interested in the process and outcomes please see this well funded and documented GOVERMENT 2.0 Stammtisch 2.0 / 3.0 exercise. An effort along the sames lines of reaching across issues, ectors, scales AND different communities !! (unfortunately in German only so far) LINK - PDF.

The Anna-Lindh Foundation, UN-CBD and UNESCO-DESD exercise was and is still a challenge, even again on a higher level as the multi-lingual and different cultural expressions and reprentations were in focus). The final documentation still desers more efforts, higher gears (we are still checking resources to be mobilized).

Here an example of statements we collected after the roundtables:

As for the roundtable, I enjoyed it very much. I appreciated how we were able to bring together multiple people who did not know each other in a setting that really promoted listening. I learned about the ideological commitments participants had, as well as of many specific examples of how they have acted on those commitments. I was, in sum, impressed with how much we shared and learned in a relatively short period of time, and I did feel like I heard from everyone. Thank you again for your enthusiasm! Jennifer

Thank you for bringing me close to our US and Japanese friends during the round-table-sessions! I find the basic idea of interest!
(In my family we now and then introduce a wooden saltbox that the speaker holds in his/her hand, and you can then ask for it or give it to an other person when you have finished - this is not the same as giving time/minutes to others, but it prevents too much of interruptions.)
I am glad that I met new friends, and I will surely test this technique with some of our friends at home! Hans

Doing magic round-tables for 15+ years I feel the challenge to bring delegates and media together in such extremely short time-frames, without the chance to introduce the idea and rules beforehand, in sometimes only 20 or 30 minutes was an extraordinary one, given that such a group of high level and verbally expert participants are used to manage their time and know their tips and tricks to gain and hold attention. The contributions were extraordinarily deep and interactive, an example of extraordinary dialogues as needed in our times. Heiner

With ten years of Magic Round Table experiences, now and again, I have found these exceptionally inspiring! Not only did the participants have exciting backgrounds but they were exceptionally able to flow with one another, listen with high attention and make interesting contributions. To switch between attentive listening to high level expertise, different topics and fields, matters of personal and institutional, cultural and worldview dimension, as well as singing, laughter, fun and joy. While learning the rules, adapting, yes, even playfully breaking them in a way that alleviated and nurtured the dialogue. With experience of less communicative MRT sessions with high level experts and politicians of all sorts, I believe this is a remarkable indication of the inherent quality people thinking across disciplines and cultures in the field of transformational learning for sustainability education innovation. Active movers and changers with small Footprints and large Handprints! Eric

See also this BLOG: UNESCO-DESD Media-Delegates Dialogues, Bonn, April 2009

and YouTube "sniplet":
YL at Magic Round Table (2) Dialogue @ UNESCO's DESD World Conference 2009 in Bonn, GermanySource: 2 of 2) RULES OF THE GAME --- This INFORMAL 2 minute video gives a quick introduction to Magic Round Table Dialogue rules. This is showing how people share "their speaking time" with the participants from whom they would like to hear about their contributions, ideas, work... ...