Wheel of Transformation, Co-Creation, SYNCONs and PEACE ROOMs

Based and on basic of the NEW WORLD DESIGN Center's (Barbara Marx-Hubbard's) SYNCON and recent implementations the old idea of getting participants roles and motives together onto a round table or WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION is very alive!

SYNCON: SYNergestic CONvergence - a communication process to:

The SYNCONS from the 70ies and 80ies were three-day excercises. This ideal but we learned that a shorter version lasting only one day ignited last year in Hawaii a new race for fruiteful gatherings that matter.
Sources: WOVA Women of vision & action and Co-Creation, Peace Room and SYNCON 

Barbara called me her "brother of co-creation" when I told her about our "Magic Roundtables" and we found many commons, many common friends and and. I recommend to check out what evolved around Jerome Glenn and James Rose. Check PARTICIPATORY METHOHDS by Jerome Glenn (Large PDF !)

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